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Design researcher

Stripe | San Francisco, USA


As the first Design Researcher at Stripe you’ll have a wide range of responsibilities ranging from discovering user needs to measuring satisfaction. Stripe will only do well if we solve the correct problems for our users and make it delightful to use our products. Research plays an important role in discovering and improving how we’re doing on both accounts.

You’ll play a central role in making our products straightforward and enjoyable to use, and you’ll work closely with product managers, engineers, marketing and of course the rest of the design team to make it happen.

You may be a good fit if you have:

  • Experience working closely with product teams (engineers, designers, and PMs) to answer questions that’ll help us make more informed decisions across the company (both low level, like “why don’t people upgrade their API version?”, and high level, like “why do people choose Stripe?”).

  • Designed and created rigorous user research processes through user testing, interviews, surveys, and other methods.

  • Collected, interpreted and provided solid recommendations based on both qualitative and quantitative data from external (users) and internal (data) sources.

  • Experience working on developer and business-focused products and are thoughtful and empathetic about how to approach, incentivize, and talk to these types of users.

  • Built a culture that led to engineers, designers, and others involved in product design to proactively seek out researchers to join their projects.

  • Designed team structures and processes to help grow an organization and determined where user research fits in with the rest of the product org (and company).

  • Helped grow a team: refining the role responsibilities, requirements, and interview process for new candidates.

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