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User Interface Designer

Automattic | Remote


The secret to our sauce? Combining high technology with great design. As a user interface designer at Automattic, you’re responsible for making sure the amazing things our engineers can build are easy to use and beautiful to behold. You’ll develop your original ideas from half-formed thoughts to wireframes, mockups, and front-end code. You’ll act as the creative force in a small interdisciplinary team, responsible not just for what a product looks like but for how it works. Here are a few of the skills we value:

  • You’ve got experience designing web or native apps. Your work shows a focused, user-centered approach to interface design.

  • You’re adept at giving and receiving design criticism, and appreciate its importance in the creative process.

  • You understand the mechanics of user testing and A/B testing, and the importance of a data-informed (not data-driven) design philosophy.

  • You can write your own front-end code (HTML, CSS, maybe JavaScript) and your knowledge of web standards is ever-growing. Your work is both responsive and HiDPI-ready.

  • You’re familiar with the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and Android’s Material Design, and know how to use them in designing native apps.

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