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Data Center Systems Engineer

Shopify | Ottawa, Canada; Toronto, Canada; Montreal, Canada or Remote


Shopify is powered by a fleet of thousands of servers across multiple datacenters, and continues to grow at a near exponential rate. Bringing full racks of new servers online, old servers offline, and keeping our current generation humming along is vital to maintaining uninterrupted, blazing fast service to our merchants and their customers. As we expand globally, we’re looking for hardware-oriented ‘metal heads’ and low-stack or ‘full stack’ developers to power and tool-up our ‘metal cloud’. This is an exciting opportunity to break new ground on an automation driven team.

The vision of our team is to model all hardware with a software abstraction to automate common network and server tasks, and deliver self-service access to our engineers. The end game will be a system that can automatically bootstrap and configure all switches and servers in a new datacenter, and then continue to manage the entire lifecycle of all equipment and components. Through chatops tools like Lita and Hubot, developers will use our tooling to re-image, reboot, and debug servers. You'll be working on the tools to automatically bootstrap, image, plan, and keep track of our datacenter assets.

You'll need to have:

  • A complete obsession with automation and simplicity

  • An unquenchable thirst for knowledge, actively and independently learning new things

  • Worked with a mature, production web application stack before
  • It'd be great if you have:

  • A passionate interest in low-level systems, especially Linux internals

  • Built your own home computer or server, and enjoyed it

  • Been to or worked in a datacenter before

  • Detailed knowledge of computer systems and the OSI stack

  • Some idea of how packets flow through a network, below the socket layer

  • Heard of and hopefully used something like Chef, Puppet, Salt, or Ansible for system configuration and automation

  • Developed or supported a Ruby on Rails stack or application

  • Built something with Sinatra, NodeJS, Lita, Hubot or similar

  • Used iPXE, BOOTP, PXELINUX and other network booting technologies

  • Worked with networking equipment beyond a home or office router, ideally Arista or Juniper.
  • Projects to check out:

  • - Shopify’s compendium of open source projects

  • - our automated deployment framework

  • - our iPXE automation framework

  • - Linux system image generation framework

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