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Staff Product Designer

Quora | Mountain View, USA


As a Staff Product Designer, you'll build products that enable people to share knowledge in ways that have never been possible: Give writers the tools to share their expertise, and create network incentives that encourage creation of high quality content; Help people discover the topics they care about, and create a feed of interesting, personalized content that is delightful to read; Grow our user base through rigorous A/B tests that affect on signup, retention, and virality; Explore how our iOS and Android apps can empower new forms of knowledge sharing made possible by mobile technology.

The vast majority of the world's knowledge is still locked in peoples' heads, inaccessible to the internet. Quora's mission is to share and grow the world's knowledge, so people can make smarter decisions, find their dream jobs, raise their families better, and much more. We think Quora will have an enormous long-term impact on the world.

Design is a critical function at Quora, and has been for the entire history of the company. The head of design reports directly to the CEO. We have a large design team for a company of our size, and every product team has a dedicated designer, allowing each designer to focus on a small set of projects and do extraordinary work.


  • Become a leader within the design team and company as a whole by leveraging your perspective and expertise to improve the output of those around you

  • Work on a product team focused on a major user-facing area of Quora. Identify high impact features that achieve goals, and be able to explain rationale for your decisions

  • Collaborate with engineers to define features and functionality, with other designers for feedback and critique, and with data scientists and user researchers to evaluate the impact of your work

  • Design interactions for new features, applying existing design patterns and creating new ones, across our web and mobile platforms

  • Build what you design using a custom web framework developed by Quora that makes front-end development easy and efficient

  • Work quickly and effectively on multiple projects. Ship new features, bug fixes, and small improvements multiple times a week
  • Requirements:

  • 4+ years experience working on products that have shipped to users

  • Experience designing mobile products

  • Ability to think at a high level about a complex, social product, and clearly justify new features and changes

  • Experience building clear, effective interactions to accomplish product or business goals

  • Demonstrated visual design skill, especially in the construction of visual hierarchies on layouts, and attention to detail on typography, spacing, and colors

  • Comfort with common front-end technologies (e.g. HTML, CSS, Javascript). Experience with server-side languages like Python is a plus

  • Interest in using data and user research to inform design decisions. Experience with effective A/B testing is a plus

  • B.A. or B.S. or equivalent work experience

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