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Frontend engineer

Stripe | San Francisco, USA


Stripe is more than just an API—we’re building a platform that enables businesses to reach their customers wherever they are in the world, and in whatever language, currency, and payment method they prefer.

UI is essential to achieving this vision. We build interfaces that are simple and delightful, and we love to sweat the details. Our frontend team is looking for engineers to accelerate our work on Stripe Checkout, the Stripe Dashboard, and products yet to be announced. We work closely with a world-class team of designers, and we value breadth—so you’re welcome to write as much backend code as you’d like.

Frontend at Stripe

At Stripe, frontend engineering is a small, but growing discipline. We take great pride in our work, and identify strongly with the following characteristics:

  • We're leaders in our field. We love to write and speak about our work, and our teammates are maintainers of some of the world's most popular frontend projects, including jQuery, Modernizr, Bower, and Rework.

  • Open-source is essential to our work, and we're serious about contributing. Stripe's most-starred repo is a UI component, and we're always contributing to the tools that we use, especially within the Ember ecosystem.

  • Our products have significant scale. Stripe's two frontend libraries, Stripe.js and Checkout, are loaded hundreds of times per second and account for tens of millions of dollars per day in online payments. We're doing business in more than 15 countries and 138 currencies, and continue to expand every month.

  • We build strong foundations. With projects like our living style-guide, our team owns and evolves the tools that we use across all Stripe products. We've kept up with the times, too. Over the years, we've transitioned from a CoffeeScript, Stylus & Backbone stack to ES2015, Rework, React & Ember—and we're always willing to evolve to fit our changing product needs.

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