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London, Munich, Ghent, San Francisco, Chicago, Wroclaw

Average just doesn’t cut it anymore. Showpad enables organizations to turn marketing and sales team members into top performers and guide their actions toward achieving greater results. Showpad’s sales enablement platform guides every sales interaction by pushing the best-fit content and most relevant assets to sales reps and channel partners, when it matters most. Intuitive and highly flexible asset management features enable marketing and sales enablement teams to easily organize assets in very specific contextual categories, based on persona, sales stage, product line or any other business logic. Sales reps and channel partners can then share relevant content before, during and after every sales interaction, from any device, to keep the buyer engaged and move the sales conversations forward. Through Showpad’s powerful content usage reports, sales reps know just when and how to follow up with their prospects and how to identify key stakeholders. Sales leaders know what makes top performers successful and can coach the rest of their team accordingly. Marketing gains insights into content effectiveness and gets to know exactly what works and what doesn’t. By streamlining the marketing, sales and buyer’s interactions, Showpad enables organizations to take the performance of their marketing and sales team members to the next level, turning them into top performers, allowing organizations to achieve greater results.