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We're 100% distributed, with employees all over the world



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We released our Infrastructure as Code Library, a collection of reusable, battle-tested, production-grade infrastructure code:



We released the Gruntwork Reference Architecture, an opinionated, end-to-end tech stack for AWS:


We released Gruntwork Houston, the mission control for your infrastructure:


Our mission at Gruntwork is to make it 10x easier to understand, build, and deploy software.

We believe that software is one of the most important technologies in human history, right up there with fire, the wheel, and writing. But we also believe that, as it is today, software is far too hard to create. Only a tiny fraction of humanity—people with abnormally high pain tolerance we call “programmers”—can create software at all, and, to be honest, no one is particularly good at it.

There are many reasons why software is hard to create, and at Gruntwork, we’re starting by focusing on just one: the difficulty of DevOps. That is, we’re building products that simplify all the steps that come after you’ve written some code, including how you deploy, test, monitor, scale, and secure that code.

We're a distributed, self-funded, family-friendly, profitable startup ( and we’re trying to build a diverse team that is welcoming and safe for people of all backgrounds, cultures, genders, and ethnicities. The skills we're looking for are:* You know how to write code across the stack ("Dev").* You have experience running production software ("Ops").* You have a strong background in software engineering (or are working hard on it!).* Bonus points for a sense of humor, empathy and curiosity.