Quo bcb8a299d51e10347451c3a2521d1e68a872efcac12a777e8606cc52228dc9e4Airbnb builds technologies that bring people together in the real world - which is often inspiring, sometimes daunting, but ideally a life-changing experience.Quo2 b1403282bb0d5a099d7855144ad315e7ac58ce1451e1460dbed3afe6b6a811d6

Quo bcb8a299d51e10347451c3a2521d1e68a872efcac12a777e8606cc52228dc9e4One of the greatest parts of working at Airbnb is being a part of a mission-driven organization and sharing the vision of creating a world where everyone can belong–in our offices, on our platform, and throughout the world. This is a bold goal and one that each member of our global team takes seriously. At a time when technology has made it easier to keep each other at a distance, our community is using it to bring people together. We know that if we want to create a world where everyone can belong, we need to start with ourselves.Quo2 b1403282bb0d5a099d7855144ad315e7ac58ce1451e1460dbed3afe6b6a811d6

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How Airbnb Builds a Diverse Data Science Team Celebrating And Empowering Women Around The World Airbnb Engineering & Data Science

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