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What does it mean to be a Leveroo?

Quo bcb8a299d51e10347451c3a2521d1e68a872efcac12a777e8606cc52228dc9e4At Lever, we focus on many things: design thinking, human-centered design, stellar hiring, inclusion, just to a name a few. But we also focus extensively on cross-functional empathy. We strive to ensure we understand our peers, their context, and their needs. It's something that has grown the incredible culture we have and allows us to make sure all feel welcome, valued, and understood. At Lever, we don't work in silos, and it's important to work well with peers as we all put our best effort forward to do what is best for Lever.

We have also, since the early days, focused on diversity and inclusion, which complements cross-functional empathy incredibly well. We formed a diversity and inclusion task force when we were a company of just ten employees, and we're so proud to continue our growing efforts as our company grows, too. From hosting D&I panels to including D&I in every new hire onboarding class, we make diversity and inclusion a priority so we can continue to do what we do already: work collaboratively together to learn, develop, grow, and produce world-class products that enable companies to achieve their own goals. Quo2 b1403282bb0d5a099d7855144ad315e7ac58ce1451e1460dbed3afe6b6a811d6

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